Equilibre Vets was created in 2017 with a vision of providing veterinary care in the least stressful and fairest way possible.

Our ethos centres around the well-being of your animal. Veterinary treatments are inherently stressful and our objective is to create a gentle rapport between you, the owner and care-taker, your animal and your veterinary team.

We offer a combined approach to veterinary services, using both traditional Western medicine and Traditional Chinese Veterinary Medicine (TCVM). We are always ready to discuss the options and choices available to you and your animal, whether you require a traditional western approach, something more holistic, or a mixed approach.

It is strongly recommended by our practice that your animal(s) be insured for veterinary medical fees. The possibilities in veterinary medicine are continuously developing; should the unimaginable happen it is always reassuring to know that one is not limited by the financial implications of treatment.

Our aim is to create a fair pricing system for everyone; we believe that the cost of medication and food should be the lowest possible to ensure that it is accessible.

We also believe that our employees should maintain a work-life balance and be appreciated for their expertise. We encourage regular Continued Professional Development (CPD) beyond the minimum requirements of our profession.